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About Us

Hi and Welcome to our site, Your Cold Beer! We are a team of beer enthusiasts that enjoy nothing more than popping open an ice-cold beer at the end of a busy day, hanging with our friends, or anytime really. We are so excited to share our love of beer and all those unique and fun contraptions that help keep our beers chilled to the very last sip with you.

Why Beer? Silly Question

We grew up in a time when neighborhood barbecues happened every weekend and while us kids played, our parents would likely be drinking and barbecuing. We can recall on several occasions that our parents and their friends would be hauling coolers around and always making sure they had enough ice to keep their drinks chilled until the end of the night.

Growing up in that environment we learned a lot about all kinds of beer. We also learned about the many challenges and/or annoyances that were involved with keeping beer cold once it came out of the coolers. From keeping beer in the freezer to just about frozen, to doubling up on chilled beer koozies, we saw it all and shared many of laughs over the ultimately failed attempts at keeping beer cold to the last sip.

What’s Worse; Bad Beer or Warm Beer?

From really bad beers to disgustingly warm beers, we’ve experienced it all and want to prevent you from that beer faux pas. Nobody likes to waste money. Every year millions of gallons of beer is wasted (estimated?) due to either being a poor fit for the consumer or getting too warm too fast.

That is where we come in…

Why We’re Here

The purpose of “your cold beer,” is to help people broaden their beer buds and to enjoy their chilled beer with unique and high tech beer koozies.

If you have any questions or just want to send a “cheers,” feel free to do so below


Liam and Kiera

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