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Happy Juice ~ One of the Benefits to Beer

Believe it or not, there are many health benefits to beer and getting that pleasurable feeling from drinking it is just one of them.

If you have not yet seen all the hilarious TikTok videos using the sound bite #happyjuice, then you definitely need to go check them out. (After this quality reading time, of course). It is no surprise that TikTok users like this one; @austin_physique22, uses this sound bite while holding alcohol. After all, alcohol is the original “happy juice.”


lil jack definitely puts a smile on my face 😏🤘😂 #foryoupage #fyp #tatted #malemodel #laughs #drinks #shots #happyjuice

♬ original sound – Tay Coons

We call it “happy juice” because of the good feelings we get while drinking adult libations. It really doesn’t matter if it’s liquor or beer, endorphins are released regardless unless you have an endorphin deficiency.

In case it’s been a while since science class, endorphins are neurochemicals released in your body giving you a pleasurable feeling. The word endorphin is a melding of the words endogenous (from within the body) and morphine (an opiate that is a pain reliever). Therefore, endorphins are a natural pain reliever because they act on the opiate receptors of our brain. Essentially, they boost pleasure and reduce pain. Studies show that endorphins are often released after exercise, eating something you like, or doing the no-pants-dance with your partner (aka SEX!)

What does this have to with drinking beer you ask? Well, many (and I mean many) studies using brain scans have shown that endorphins are released during the consumption of alcohol. In fact, many scientists have used these studies to help others better understand addiction as we can get addicted to that happy feeling. However, in moderation drinking beer can help reduce your stress levels.

Given what we now know about the effect alcohol has on us it seems ironic that Prohibition was during the Great Depression. It’s not hard to imagine the anger drinkers felt when the government and city officials took away their “happy juice” when they needed it the most. Those in favor of Prohibition in our alcohol history must have been wound up tighter than a cocaine addict’s hundred dollar bill.

I’m pretty sure if Prohibition happened again today there would be a flood of riots and a splash of depression growing with each passing dry moment. We can’t speak for you, but for us, we have definitely been keeping our “happy juice” on-demand during these COVID times. We miss our local pub patios and bellying up to the bar where we would chat up our bar mate/maiden ’till the night’s end.

We all need our endorphins to survive and right now Liam and I are making sure to get our endorphin dose daily anyway we can (pants not required). Of course, we always recommend drinking responsibly and if you’re a dick when you drink, well, then just don’t drink, dickwad.

P.S. Because I am a Social Worker by trade, I feel compelled to say this. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness/disruption, I recommend that you seek professional help and do not use beer or alcohol to alleviate any pain associated with your situation.

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