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The Best Beer Lover Gifts of 2020

It’s that time of year again: Christmas! As 2020 nears the end (thankfully), we are pulling out the Christmas decor, festive pjs, ugly sweaters and of course our Beer Lover wishlist! Every year Liam and I try to out gift each other for the most unique, cool or just desirable beer gift. The only difference is this year we get to share our best beer lover gifts of 2020 with you all!!

Regardless if you are hunting for the best beer gifts for men or women or you just want to give yourself something cool for your home bar, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find some unique and downright cool gifts for beer lovers of all. 

Disclosure: If you make a purchase from some links in this post, I may earn a referral fee at no cost to you.

Beer Chiller Sticks

First up is a very practical gift for those who love their beer nice and chilled. These beer chiller sticks are highly rated, easy to use, and best of all fits ALL BEER BOTTLE SIZES!! We love our set and for those who appreciate the packaging, you will not be disappointed with their Handcrafted gift box that keeps the chiller sticks and bonus beer opener safely kept. Here are some of the main details of these MUST-HAVE Beer Chiller Sticks as listed on Amazon. 

“I bought these for my husband and we both got a chance to enjoy them. I washed them and froze them right away. We used them in warm beers and they were cooler within minutes.”

  • Beer Chiller Sticks: Brisked Beer Chiller Sticks will maintain your original beer taste and keep your drink cool & chilled till the last drop.
  • Multiple Sizes: Our different sized chiller sticks are designed to fit traditional and stubby beer bottles so that you can enjoy your favorite domestic, craft, IPA and imported beers.
  • Easy & Convenient: Put an end to warm, watered down drinks. Simply insert the frozen chiller into the bottle until it is snug. Once finished, hand-wash, dry & stick back into the freezer.

Beer Chiller Sticks for Bottles Set | 3 Stainless Steel Cooling Chillers

We have given these exact beer chiller sticks out as gifts to many of our beer lover friends, and they absolutely love them and use them often. We always recommend you read the reviews for yourself to make an informed decision but we have nothing but rave reviews for this product. 

Now if you or your giftee is not into chilled sticks and are looking for a lazy alternative that won’t let you down, then let us introduce you to the ultimate beer koozie. 


Orca Rocket Beer Koozie

We are HUGE fans of insulated beer koozies. In fact, we wrote a blog post dedicated to everything koozies (Best Beer Koozies). Ever since I got Liam his first insulated beer koozie that holds bottles and cans, we have been on the hunt for even better ones. That is how we came across the Orca. We actually purchased this one at our local beer and wine shop and then found it on Amazon (sadly, so much cheaper). What we love about it is its transforming/multi-use capabilities. Here are some of its features as listed on Amazon. 

“First and foremost…It insulates really well. The bottle was still cold when I swap out drinks despite having been used on a hot day.”

The Ultimate Insulated Beer Koozie

  • Performance: Maintains the temperature of a cold beverage for up to 12 hours and without outer condensation
  • Materials: 18/8 stainless steel food grade body, tough polymer cap, mid-section and base components
  • Anti-microbial treated neoprene strips line the main chamber to hold both can or bottle firmly in place

Full Disclosure: one of the complaints and a con of ours as well, is that it does not fit all bottles. For example, hubs likes to drink Sapporo in bottles, which do not fit in this particular insulated Koozie. 


For another option that is equally fantastic and it fits Sapporo bottles, try the Asobu Frosty. You can’t go wrong with either option! 

Growler Werks Carbonated Growler

Now, if you want something REALLY cool and unique, then look no further!! This carbonated growler from GrowlerWerks is simply put BADASS! I mean who doesn’t want their own little carbonated growler to pour fresh beer from the tap like you were bellying up to the bar itself. 

This beauty is the perfect gift for the beer lover who is hard to shop for. Here are some of its main features as listed on Amazon. 

  • CARBONATION CAP – automatically regulates pressure to optimally carbonate beer. Choose desired carbonation level, from zero (off) up to 15 psi.
  • DISPENSER TAP – easily pours beer any time, without removing cap. Plus tap lock to prevent dispensing.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE TAP HANDLE – handle can be changed to personalize or represent your favorite Brewery.
  • SIGHT GLASS – shows contents of uKeg and how much is left.

“I use the growler instead of bottling my home brewed Belgian wheat beer. Saves time and steps…keeps my brew fresh, cold and precisely carbonated. Heavy duty, well made”

What we love most about this unique growler other than the uniqueness itself, is the ability to personalize it with interchangeable handles and its sturdiness. This growler definitely has some gerth to it and when you hold it, you can feel that it has been constructed well and will serve you for many moons to come!


Laugh Out Loud Beer Coasters

If you’ve been following our social media, you know our humor is not in the category of “knock knock” jokes. I mean sarcasm and innuendos  is our typical conversation starter! So, it should come as no surprise as to why we love these beer coasters that will always give the beer lover a chuckle. 

Other than the obvious, there is not much to say about these coasters; they’re wooden and you put your beer (or other beverage) on them. As always we like to be honest and have to say that most of the reviews say the words fade over time and we have experienced the same. Two of the four did fade after about 7 months of use. HOWEVER, the company provided great support when we contacted them and gave us two new packs for free! For that we have to recommend these because that kind of support you just don’t get these days.

Plus, I mean c’mom, they’re coasters that have funny sayings, enough said!


For the Chef Beer Sign

Calling all DIY Home Bar lovers, this one’s for you. We love chillin out back with some steaks and some good beer, so why not add some decor that’s comical. Nowadays, we are home more often and we find ourselves searching for more items to make our backyard bar a little bit more appealing with some added beer ambiance. Now Liam doesn’t have to rely on his steak chart anymore but I fear we might get more well done steaks depending on the beer he times it with, lol.

Now there are plenty of companies you can purchase these types of signs from but we choose Alamazookie because their stuff is made in the USA and they do make their signs out of 24-gauge steel. 


Stanley Outdoor Growler Gift Set

Last on our Best Beer Lover Gifts of 2020 is nothing less than FANTASTIC. Meet the Stanley Growler Gift Set, that keeps your beers (or other liquids) cold for 24 hours!! Liam and I probably wouldn’t have beer last longer than 4 hours but that’s just us, ha! 

This growler set is a beauty that is designed for traveling adventures. Here are some of the features as listed on amazon. 

  • The Stanley Growler Gift Set comes with a 64oz vacuum-insulated growler and 4 (12oz) stackable stainless steel tumblers that come in different colors so you’ll never mix-up your beverages
  • LEAK-PROOF AND PACKABLE: A beefy locking mechanism means you’ll never have to worry about leaks You’ll also love the easy-to-carry handle and the dishwasher-safe construction that makes cleaning your rugged growler and tumblers a breeze
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: ‘BUILT FOR LIFE’ Since 1913 we’ve promised to provide rugged, capable gear for food and drink, built to last a lifetime It’s a promise we still keep Stanley products purchased from Stanley Resellers come with a lifetime warranty

If you’ve ever owned a Stanley product, you know they mean business when they build their items. Unlike the super unique looking growler by Growler Werks, this one you can take with you on your travels. So you can be a Beer rock star at your home bar with the Growler Werks Keg and during your camping or other outdoor adventures with this Durable, Insulated, and Badass Stanley growler set. 

Well, there you have it, our 2020 suggested gifts for the craft beer lovers and beer lovers of all.

Drink Up Buttercup and remember to please drink responsibly.

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